Washington Defective Seatbelt Injury Attorneys

Seatbelts and airbags have, without question, protected thousands of Americans from injuries and death. But when these safety devices fail, disaster can often result.

What kinds of defective seatbelt scenarios are relatively common?

Seatbelts can fail in a variety of ways, not all of them predictable. For instance, some seatbelts can unlatch during collision. On certain models of Chryslers made in the 1990s, so-called Gen 3 buckles had a serious tendency to unlatch; this defect lead to a spate of legal action on behalf of injured claimants and owners.

Shoulder belts (which work via spool-and-lock mechanisms) can lock too late, resulting in injuries to the abdomen and organs, ribs, and spinal column.

Buckles can get stuck trapping passengers in burning cars. They can also be installed wrong and, as a result, malfunction in accidents.

When filing legal action against a seatbelt designer, manufacturer, or seller, it’s important to tease out various factors that may or may not have contributed to injuries sustained. To win a Seattle seatbelt defect case against a high profile car company, you must be in complete command of the engineering and physics aspects of the accident.

It’s also critical to retain a Tacoma seatbelt defect attorney who understands tort law and who has fought and won at trial. The Washington auto product liability attorneys at the Bernard Law Group have settled six-figure, seven-figure and even eight-figure claims on behalf of injured clients. Find out more information by calling 1-800-418-8282, or check out a list of our significant cases on our main website.