Ford Recalls Trucks Due to Faulty Transmission

In a press statement, Ford Motor Company, in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), announced the recall of all 2011 Ford F-150 vehicles that were made between the dates of September 9th and September 22nd, 2011. In addition to this, the 2012 F-250, 350, 450, and 550 trucks that were made from the 12th of September through the 22nd of September will be included, as well. The reason for the recall on these models is that the transmission of the trucks can be¬†easily taken out of the “Park” position because they do not require the brake pedal to be depressed to do so. Because the transmission can easily be shifted out of the “Park” position, the risk for an injury or crash is increased to both the driver and pedestrians. Once the owners of the trucks were notified, they had their vehicle inspected and if the switch that controls this needed to be replaced, it was done free of charge. The recall took place around the 19th of December last year. If there are any questions or if you believe you should have been notified of this recall, contact the company directly.

As a Bellingham personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen this sort of safety recall many times in the past and I understand the tragic injuries that can result from the use of a defective auto product. If you have suffered an injury in an accident that you think was the result of a defective auto product, call a personal injury lawyer in your area to learn more about your legal rights as they pertain to the matter.

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